Our Process

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Contact Us:

We would love to hear from you! We are available via phone or e-mail, at which point we will discuss the overall, basic scope of your project. Before coming out to meet with you we like to hear about your home, your project ideas, what kind of vision you have for the finished result and about how much you expect to invest in the project. After we take note of your information we will schedule a time to come to your home and meet with you.

Initial Site Visit:

Meet with all decision makers on site so that we may get to know you and learn more about the project you’re looking to complete. We discuss desired changes, our process, view site conditions, & take measurements & photographs.

If possible, please have magazine clippings, pictures and ideas of the style you would like to achieve. If you have access to any construction plans from previous work or site surveys we would love to review them as well. We want to learn more about you and how you use the space currently, what you like and what you hate. As well as what your vision for how you will use the new space and how you want it to feel.

Process Phase 1 Design
Design Phase:

Our role is to bring your vision to life! We specialize in the creation of unique & extraordinary space that invite you in, make you feel comfortable & get you excited about enjoying it for years to come. We understand the challenges of making your vision real, working within a budget & developing a trusting relationship with someone to make your space better.

In order for us to make your vision come to life we need to design and draft construction plans for the space. These plans consist of the existing floor plan and new/proposed floor plan. The Plans are the most important part when it comes to a remodel or building new construction. The accuracy of that information, & interpretation of it, is what determines the feasibility of the proposed cost & structural considerations. Client’s find that our plans are very helpful, because you can easily see the areas that can be tackled in stages and think it through so that work is only done once, correctly. Timeline, function, budget and aesthetics are thoroughly thought out.

Before we start to design and draft the construction plans, we will provide you with our Design Contract. The contract will go over our design/drafting fees and detail what is included. As well as some of the other services we offer.

Process Phase 2 Design
Why Sigh the Design Contract?:

You will need a full set of working drawings in order to pull a permit to complete your project.

Once the existing & proposed plans are drawn we then present the plan(s) and ideas while discussing possibilities. At our meeting we want to hear your feedback and the direction you want to take. We then make final changes, creating the working detailed plans. They will feature: trade notes, dimensions, structural and finish details, electrical and mechanical notes, interior/exterior elevations and sections where applicable. All trades need these in order to put together a fixed-cost price.

Design Services & Selections:

Planning naturally includes recommendations & selections of current & local available products based upon the existing site conditions that make the construction most feasible for cost, function & aesthetics.

We will help make selections in person with you for realistic project pricing such as meeting at a tile & plumbing fixture showroom (by appointment), or referring you to vendors to receive our professional builder or designer discount (appliances/hardware/etc.). The showroom visits are an important step in educating our clients & provide them additional customer service, not only on expenditures, but also in developing trust that we are here with your best interests at heart, for long-term satisfaction. We could price a contract using material “allowances” or “placeholders” but have found that visiting the showrooms really helps clients understand the total price for labor & materials once presented in contract form. The world-wide web is a great resource, but not always realistic to our specific state, climate, or building code & market.

We are happy to include our design/services time in the showrooms when you proceed with the Construction contract through Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. Sadly, if for any reason you decide not to move forward with our construction services, we must recoup our dedicated time on your behalf. Interior Design Consulting Service/selection fees will be shown on the Design Authorization Form

Process Pricing
Bidding the Project - Description of Work:

After you approve the final plan we will put together detail cost specifications and a project contract. Preparation of Contract pricing may involve on-site trade walkthrough(s) for accuracy. This preparation is at no charge to our clients. Once complete Orfield Design will present the Description of Work/project pricing along with the formal Contract & required Addendums.

Process Signed Contract
Starting your project/Signed Contract:

On the construction side, we are able to do as much, or as little, as you desire to meet your budget & get this project completed! We develop a realistic timeline for you to follow throughout the project thereby giving you expectation deadlines and accommodating your personal schedule. We pull the permit, order the team and subcontractors. We will not start demolition until the major material/fixture selections have arrived.

During the entire process we encourage you to ask questions as we here to help. We want your finished project to be what you envisioned, down to the last detail. Together with all the professional licensed and insured trades, we provide ongoing communication, Timelines and comprehensive Project Management before, during and all the way through to the final walkthrough at job end.

Our crews and sub-contractors are not only tops in the business, but you’ll also find them personable, professional, and helpful. We know them well, as we have been working with them for many years. We trust the quality they bring to the job and the respect they give to our clients.

There will be on-site meetings with you and Orfield during different phases of the construction. We also meet the city inspectors to make sure that work is progressing properly and in accordance with codes. We are continually in contact with you throughout the project by phone, email, and/or in person to discuss any project details and updates. Respecting your property, family and lifestyle are important to us. We are organized, provide timelines, and stay continually communicating with you.

Process Change Orders
Change Orders:

Many clients are fearful of the term “change order”. We would like to assure you they are a natural part of the process and will be necessary at some point. They are merely a record of decisions you have made throughout the project, adding, crediting or verification. Sometimes it is hard to envision a space when it’s on paper. When it is being built during construction, you can touch and feel and may decide to add something or take something out. Change orders allow for the natural human right to change your mind while verifying that you will be getting what you want in your project.

Interior Design

At this point, some clients take advantage of our industry discounts & professional Interior Design services. That interior design consulting (Interior Design Form) is charged at an additional hourly rate. We arrange to shop for, or with, you either online or on location, for furniture, artwork, floor coverings & other home décor to further complete your new space(s)!

What we bring to a project:

We take into consideration the style of your existing house, your lifestyle and your budget to create a design that is unique to your vision.

Communication/ Personal Attention:

We are in continually contact with our client’s throughout the project to discuss any details and updates. We are honest and thro while providing personal attention to each of our clients.


We set timelines and do everything in our power to meet them or finish early! Changes can happen and are made clear with change orders while communicating with all parties.


We believe each project is a team effort between our client, we as the general contractor and designer, and each sub-contractor or employee working at your home. An open exchange of information and ideas is essential to a successful project.


We take ownership and pride in everything we say and do. We believe in the high quality products we use, the workmanship of our employees and our sub-contractors.

Traditional Values:

We believe in delivering what we promise so you can trust us. We ask for the same from our clients as well. We treat your home and project as if they were our own.

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